Project advisory

Project Advisory

The GridWise team has significant experience working with project developers and EPC contractors to analyse the potential financial performance and technical engineering required for individual assets. This could include curtailment and constraint analysis, grid code compliance and testing, and site selection.

We provide senior level engineering advisory services at project level to project and NSPs.

  • Grid connection strategy development
  • Technology assessments and liaising with suppliers
  • Development of generator performance standards
  • GPS Negotiations with AEMO and NSP
  • Registration process support
  • Connections Manager role


Our client is developing a > 200 MW solar farm in the Victorian grid and the project also includes a large synchronous condenser for system strength remediation. The project has received grid approvals from AEMO, including 5.3.4A and 5.3.4B letters.

With a diverse group of stakeholders that included three different EPC contractors, the project Owner’s Engineer, TNSP and AEMO, the process for finalisation of contracts and NEM registration was as much a coordination challenge as a technical one.

GridWise was appointed by the project owner as Grid Connections Manager during early works and NEM registration process. Our primary role was to coordinate technical activities across stakeholders, resolve queries and data requests as well as support the client during technical negotiations with grid authorities.

The project successfully achieved multiple key milestones in the early works and registration phase.

GridWise played an important role in a number of aspects including:

  • Resolution of terminal station design issues with AEMO and EPC contractor;
  • Coordination and central point of contact between AEMO and project sub-contractors; and
  • Support of synchronous condenser vendor in timely delivery of NEM compliant PSS/E and PSCAD models.