Grid Connections

Grid Connections

Grid connections is a critical risk for most renewable energy projects connecting to the Australian National Energy Market. We understand that successful project outcomes depend on the timely delivery of technical studies, ensuring a high-quality output and keeping project capital costs down by effective negotiations of generator performance standards with AEMO and NSP.

GridWise has an experienced team of Power Systems Engineers, skilled in the full suite of power system analysis tools and software (PSS/E, PSCAD, PowerFactory) and well versed in the specific nuances and requirements of each network jurisdiction and study processes.

Some of the technical studies we undertake include:

  • Connection options and feasibility studies.
  • Project modelling using PSS/E and PSCAD and site-specific model tuning.
  • Generator Performance Standard (GPS) studies per NER Schedule 5.2
  • Commissioning support during hold point testing.
  • Project R2 model validation.
  • System strength impact assessments.

MURRA WARRA WIND FARM – STAGE 2 Grid Connection Studies

The Murra Warra Wind Farm is located approximately 25km north of Horsham in north-western Victoria. Stage 2 of the project consists of 38 x GE 5.5 MW wind turbine generators and a large synchronous condenser as a system strength remediation mechanism.


GE Renewable Energy approached GridWise to undertake the grid connection GPS studies for Stage 2 in late 2019. The project was facing a number of challenges being connected in the northwest Victorian 220 kV network (a.k.a “rhombus of regret”), very weak grid conditions and number of competing renewable energy projects.

The challenge for us to undertake grid connection studies in a very tight timeframe but at the same time maintaining the highest quality deliverables to minimise delays through AEMO’s connection process.


GridWise worked closely with GE Renewable Energy to produce a robust set of site-specific models ensuring that the studies cover the full spectrum of complex conditions expected for the wind farm.

Our attention to detail and close collaboration between the various technical teams (GridWise, GE, RES and AEMO) ensured that AEMO’s due diligence and the GPS negotiations process was as smooth as possible.